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Yamapi Graphics

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Welcome to Yamapi Graphics, a community for viewing, sharing and requesting graphics related to Tomohisa Yamashita. Any graphics can be shared by icons, desktop wallpapers, LJ layouts, forum signature banners, colourbars, friend's only banners, winamp skins, etc. Fan-art is also welcome.

Please try to follow the rules and have fun!

1. This is a GRAPHICS community, as in any fan-manipulated or fan-made work. Any scans or other untouched pictures are to be shared in yamapi_daily community.
2. Any graphics posted can have other people in it, but it must contain Yamapi somewhere. This is a Yamapi graphics community, after all ;)
3. As a general rule, two or three small graphics are fine, but any more are to be put under an LJ-cut.
4. Please try to keep large graphics (any bigger than 400px) under an LJ-cut or use thumbnails.
5. Comment and credit when taking work by somebody else.
6. Credit sources for scans, brushes, textures etc.
7. Be considerate of others. Don't put others down if you don't like their work, be courteous when requesting graphics, etc. And respect your mods! XD

This community is in conjunction with yamapi_daily. You can share scans, media, news etc. at that community.

FAQ on how to do an LJ-cut can be found here at LJ support.

Try not to hotlink servers, as it links back to the community pages ^.^' I recommend hosting by PhotoBucket or ImageShack. These are free and easy to use, and ImageShack makes thumbnails for large images :)

Feel free to show your support for this community by linking back with a banner.

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yamapi_daily - sister community

Want to affliate? Please comment here.