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*K-Celebs(Kim Bum)|01-10|
*K-Dramas(Boys Before Flowers, Playful Kiss, Personal Taste)|11-30|
*J-Celebs(Yamashita Tomohisa,Smap, News)|31-45|
*Oth (LP, Hilarie&JDM,Dean&Peyton)|46-58|
*Lost(serie final)|59-65|


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Some icons!

[39] Yamashita Tomohisa


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A s h i t a  N o  J o e  G i f s 
( MOAR )

Yamashita Tomohisa: [20x]


My first post here =)
I'd like to share a layout ^.^

Get the code here
Koda Kumi - 20 for musicians20in20
Proposal Daisakusen - 20 for dorama20in20
Spirited Away - 20 for anime20in20

the rest here
Hello minna!
I made some icons! :D :D

[9] Kamenashi Kazuya
[9] Akanishi Jin
[10] Yamapi


More here! Douzo~
[062 - 072] Proposal Daisakusen
[090 - 109] Yamashita Tomohisa


more HERE at dokidokifeeling



Also smoe banners

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I don't look at the community any more. I need someone to take over and make it work. I did make a post about this several years ago, but nothing ever came of it, my apologies. Even though I'm not interested in this community, I don't want to hand the reigns over to just anybody.

If you'd like to take the job as community moderator, please comment with the following details:

Tell me about yourself and your contribution to fandom. Tell me about your interest in NEWS, in the fandom, in Yamapi. Just a sentence or two is fine, no autobiographies please.

If you have any qualities that you think will make you a good mod, tell me! I'm particularly hopeful for people who are capable with graphics, even if it's just being able to change an LJ layout. But at this stage I'm not too picky :|

If you think that those who have applied for moderator would do a good job, you're welcome to comment and vouch for them!

Any feedback on this community would be appreciated. yamapi_graphics was created in response to the overwhelming icon posts at yamapi_daily. Honestly I think a news_graphics community would be more appropriate, but I'll leave that up to you guys to discuss and make decisions once new community moderators are in place and are able to take action.